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Transcript Dilemma! Advice!

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Hi All,

I made a stupid mistake as an undergrad. Essentially, I transferred between 2 post secondary institutions, however in my application to School 2, I didn't disclose my transcript from School 1 and applied with my high school diploma (dumb, I know). I was never caught and went on to complete my degree, however, now I am considering applying to professional school and I am going to disclose ALL my transcripts (from both institutions) since that is required but I am worried that the adcoms will notice that I have no transfer credits or mention of the transfer and somehow contact my second School to inform them of the discrepancy.

Is this a reasonable concern? 





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So you need to submit all grades/transcripts for med apps but for what its worth, I took a few summer courses at a diff school during my undergrad and never got around to transferring the credits to my original school and it was never an issue. However, this was the summer after my first year at my original school and I technically acquired a letter of permission to do so. In your case, if you just submitted both transcripts, I doubt anyone would question it and you're not really hiding any grades from your professional school apps. School 2 probably wouldn't be too happy if they found out you didn't submit school 1's transcript when you applied for your transfer but you've already got your degree and its in the past now.

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