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Question about experience? Animalssss

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Hi everyone!

I have a quick query and I'm wondering what you think! So I have been planning on becoming a vet since i was small, and was actually going to apply this fall to OVC in Guelph (and Im sure I would've gotten in --- not to be cocky at all, just saying, but I was at the top of the ranges for everything). Now just in the last 2 or so months have I decided to go into human med. huge change.

So virtually all my experiences (extracurriculars) are animal-based. Horse stable hand, veterinary clinic volunteer, etc, future vets club exec member, and currently i am working in a vet clinic. I'm wondering how UofT Med would see these experiences. At my current job i've helped in surgeries, drawn blood, administered vaccines, etc. that most people don't do until they're actual med students. So on one hand I feel like im at an advantage for having done these things and having a different view/experience of the industry (e.g. privatized medicine, euthanasia, etc.), but on the other hand I feel disadvantaged that I've got very very little human medical experience

One thing to note is that I'm going to Germany to do an internship at a hospital (eeek!!! leaving this saturday!) so I will get that. But what do you guys think in terms of my extracurriculars? I realize no one except for UofT truly knows but yeah I'm just wondering if you have any thoughts!


(Reason I'm asking is I'm applying to UofT this fall even though my average is at the lower end [vet and med averages are calculated differently :(] and I'm hoping that they may be interested in me being a 'different' kind of applicant.). Will apply as 3rd year undergrad


Shmanks! And if anyone has any questions about vet med in (not sure why you would on this forum) feel free to ask!

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U of T Med is a GPA heavy school for applications.  You need to have the GPA to get the interview to then give your ECs a chance to help you.

I suspect you will find you will not be competitive to apply during your third year.   You are not eligible for weighting until 4th year.   Your current cGPA at 3.68 is not going to cut it as a 3rd year undergrad.  You may need to wait until 4th year so you can benefit from wGPA and remove some low marks.

Your vet experiences may be fairly unique compared to your peers. I cannot comment if they would really help you though. You may want to branch out and do some ECs not related to vet activity.  Rather, figure out how to write up those experiences in terms of the CanMed Framwork (Goggle it) . 

If you can nail both the MCAT and CASPer you might be able to get a 3rd year invite to MAC.   You will need to improve your GPA and wait til 4th year for any other Ontario school.



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