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How to improve weak ECs?

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Hello everyone! I am heading into my 3rd year this fall and planning to apply to medical schools in my 4th year. I would like to get some feedback to improve my application, especially my EC. I am a resident of Ontario and will have pre-requsites for most schools in Canada except McGill. My ECs seem weak (I am assuming below average)... any advice on how to improve them?

Thanks in advance!

Year 1 GPA 3.98 (Full Time from Fall to Winter... Took 12 courses total in 1st year-> 2 courses in the summer)

Year 2 GPA 3.97 (Full Time from Fall to Winter... Took 10 courses)

cGPA 3.973

MCAT Haven't written it yet... writing it next summer!

Extracurriculars (BIG concern)

Part time staff for University Athletics/Recreation  

Hospital volunteering (2 years... 200 hours)

Retirement home volunteering (3 years... 250 hours)

Orientation leader

Exercise trainer for cancer patients (did for 1 term and will continue)

Annual physical activity event coordinator (40-50 ish hours)

1st year program representative and eventually became program executive representing entire program student body (within faculty student society)

Faculty ambassador (volunteer at open houses, give tours to prospective students)

Volunteer teaching assistant (did for 1 term and will continue)

Dissection program volunteer (20 hours)

Intramural sports (40 hours)

City youth council (2 years... 150 hours)

Research assistant (received NSERC USRA this summer)

A few other research awards and merit-based scholarships totalling approximately $30K


Thanks again!

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My tip is to look at whether your activities are able to show you're proficient at the CANMED competencies first. For more details/ideas on types of ECs you can improve on, I suggest you look through the UBC application guidelines as they are EC-heavy and ask for more specific things than other schools. But overall, I wouldn't say your ECs are weak; they seem on par or better than what I had at that stage, and that didn't hold me back from getting interviews. I'd focus on your MCAT for now!

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