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Has anyone applied to the DDS program at Dalhousie?

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Dalhousie is my top school and I'm nearly done the prerequisites. I did terrible my first year and slightly less terrible my second year but I met with an advisor  who told me that the last two years of your undergrad are the grades they really look at. My third year was good BUT I had a C- and an C in two out the ten classes I took. Those courses I took were not as relevant courses to the field of dentistry (philosophy of religion & personality psychology) but the courses I did well in were relevant courses (organic chem, cell & molecular, biochem, etc.). Although they're not as important as the other ones it's still a bad grade nonetheless and I feel like they would see that as me not being able to handle my work. Has anyone that has applied to Dalhousie and gotten in had the same issue? Do I still have a chance? How selective are they?

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Spoken with numerous dentists who went to Dalhousie, including a few who had close ties to the admissions committee. They all had one common thing to say, and that is that your grades are the MOST important aspect. Be wary that the average GPA of accepted students being listed at 3.7 is misleading. This includes the 10-14 Americans (out of a class of 38) who were accepted, and they’re admission requirements are really low. Some of them have like 3.4 GPAs on 4.0 scale (or even lower). Whereas for Canadian residents it is much more competitive, and usually a 3.8+ (on 4.0 scale) is competitive and serves as the cutoff. Again this is only for your most recent 60 credit hours (aka 2 years of study), every course in those credit hours is considered, with special focus on the higher science courses (biochem, physiology, and microbio).

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