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Hi guys! 

I'm new to this sub, and just wondering if a wGPA of 3.6 will even be looked at by any of the Canadian Med schools? I'm a resident of ontario.

I just finished 3rd year, and planning to do my MCAT soon but probably will take a gap year to work on my ECs. I do have one more year to pull my grades up a bit, but not sure by how much. I've had 2 research jobs with 2-3 expected publications, will this help with my application?

I know my biggest obstacle is my GPA at the moment (assuming I'll do well on the MCAT), is there anyway to beef up my application so that my GPA is essentially less important? 

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I've lurked these pages for so long, and I don't think you'll get the answer you're looking for. This is YOUR cycle my dude! you never know how they'll be looking at your application, what your chances are, unless you apply. 

Put your 100% into your application, show your skills, your experience, what you like, why you'd be a good doctor via your ABS (remember to include CANmeds framework). 

dont overload your ABS w the work you've done, outline important meaningful ones, ones where they can tell that you've learnt something new or strengthened previous skills.

With any application period, you never know how it is until you apply.

And worst comes to worst, you may not get an interview. but you pick yourself back up, you work for a year, build your experience, maybe take a few extra courses and try again!

- from a fellow applicant, best of luck 

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