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OMSAS ID and casper registration/exam

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I was wondering if anyone could tell me how early to register for casper and when is the deadline for fall 2019 intake? I see that OMSAS application is due October 1 but I am not sure when Casper is to be done and be still not considered late. I am aware that it takes about a month to get the casper result available for the university to assess your application. Should I be waiting till application (OMSAS) is submitted to obtain OMSAS ID (i am planning to submit my application end of september and schedule casper mid of october 2018)? I cant register for casper before submitting my application via omsas as I do not have id number yet. I am a first time applicant. 

Sorry if its answered before.

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You can’t sign up for Casper until you’ve submitted your OMSAS application. I believe the last day you can write it is the middle-end of October, so you could hypothetically wait til the end of the application deadline for OMSAS and then sign up for Casper and it will be done on time.

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