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Hi, I'm looking to apply to Queen's this year. Feel pretty comfortable with my wGPA (3.91) and MCAT (516 - 130/128/129/129) but am nervous about my ECs. 

Employment - None (is this a red flag?)

Volunteer - 100 hrs at a cardiology clinic, 50 hrs at a family medicine clinic, 50 hrs at hospital for disabled children in India, 50 hrs at a weight loss/diabetes clinic, 30 hrs as a camp counsellor, 100 hrs peer tutoring

Extracurricular - 2 years of high school sports, 4 years intramural sports at uni, 1 year Model UN in high school 

- Shadowing: 50 hrs w/ radiologist, 10 hrs w/ psychiatrist in England, 10 hrs w/ family doctor in England, 10 hrs w/ general surgeon in India, 10 hrs w/ family doctor in India

Awards/Accomplishments - Duke of Edinburgh Bronze+Silver Medals, Varsity High School Soccer National Championship, U16 Rugby Provincial Silver Medal (don't know if I can add this since I was 15 at the time), uni entrance scholarship, 2x Dean's List in uni, 4x Honours List in high school, Poetry published in high school literary magazine, won design competition for a learning space for a Montessori school

Research - 4 consecutive posters/presentations at a national family medicine conference since 2015 (studies on diabetes and obesity), Data-entry for Phase 3 trial on atrial fibrillation in seniors in collaboration with CIHR, 2 honours thesis projects in Biochemistry (lab partner fell sick, had to take over his project for the year)

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It's not a red flag that you don't have employment. It's really hard to rate your EC's outside of the admissions committee- just focus on spending time writing your descriptions with action words and reference to the canmeds roles and hope for the best!

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