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So I know that in the help guide it says that you won't be penalized for putting activities in the wrong category, but I was wondering what people's thoughts are on distributing "bulkier" NAQs evenly throughout the categories? That is, I have quite a few volunteer activities that are 150+ hours, and then others that are weaker IMO but I'm putting them in as to leave as little space blank as possible. Would it be detrimental to have one category entirely full of activities with fewer than 50 hours and another with mostly 150+ hours, or would it be better to have one "solid" activity in each category, supplemented by weaker ones? Or, is this not something to worry about?

I ask because a lot of my activities have elements of leadership/service/capacity to work with others in them, so I have some flexibility as to where I choose to put things. 

Thanks in advance if anyone is able to give advice! :)

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