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OHIP Billing

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7 hours ago, member_225 said:

how is that fair 

Of course they were smart and made it a global reduction of all your billing amounts rather than making the clawbacks kick in at a certain threshold or by targeting specific billing codes (they did this to a point).  If either of those were done, physicians would have just scaled back their services as the incentive to work hard has changed.  However, most doctors don't want to make less money, especially in the face of all their overhead costs going up, so many will opt to provide more service to try to compensate for the lower rates.  Either way its a win for the government, save more $$$ or get more care for a similar amount.  However, the ethics of the move are a bit questionable and my understanding is that the arbitrator has the power to make the government back pay all of that money. It's probably an unlikely outcome, but is likely on the table as a possibility.

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