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Which CEGEP honours/regular program would you recommend?

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I am currently in Secondary 5, and very soon the open houses and decision-making begins, so I have a lot of questions.

Firstly, I need to go to an English CEGEP (since I moved from out-of-province a year ago, I don't speak very good french). Moreover, I want to go to a CEGEP that will best guarantee my entrance to Med-P at McGill in the case that I am accepted (what they offer for students, how to get a competitive average, etc.).

My grades, according to my guidance counselor are competitive enough to have all of my options open. My overall average is 96% (97% in Math, and a combined average of 95% in Sciences). I also am currently working at a hospital, and have a good CV set up with ECs as well for the programs requiring a letter.

With all things considered, which CEGEP offers the best opportunity to get into Med School given that I will work hard in whichever program? If you have done Health/Sciences what was your experience, especially if you went to honors at Marianopolis, JAC, or first-choice Dawson.

*Also the closest school is JAC, the rest are around an hour by transit from my house.*

Thanks in advance.

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Welcome to the Forum! :P

On a K.I.S.S. basis (Keep It Simple Stupid), I would go to the closest Cégep to your home, thereby saving cumulatively much time in commuting. It really will make no difference if you are a very good student. I went to the so called best Cégep and my grades were not high enough to even apply. I believe had I gone to JAC I would have had a shot. In Ny event, I did not have the requisite maturity. I went to undergrad, was a straight A student and was accepted to Med school directly. Good luck!

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Hi! I'm from JAC so I might be a bit biased, but I liked its friendly, not-too-competitive atmosphere. The teachers were helpful as well.

Also, many of my friends from JAC (Honours or regular science) have gone on to competitive programs such as med school, pharmacy, etc... 

Ultimately though, you must work hard to get a good R score, since your school doesn't matter all that much. More transit means less study time, so there is also that to consider.


All in all, it's your choice and it would be helpful if you could find out what drives you to succeed, whether it's being surrounded by competition, a campus far from distractions, etc.


Good luck in your decisions and PM me if you have any questions :)

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