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mccqe1 preparation

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On 9/10/2018 at 3:47 PM, MSREL said:

Hi everyone,

What are the resources we could use to prepare my QE1 exam,Please?:)

I'm just a first year medical student at U of C and we don't write the exam till the end of med school. But I believe that a lot of students use the following resources:

1. Toronto Notes

2. First Aid USMLE Step 2

3. Canada Q bank

3. Medical Licensing MCCQE1 exam book.

5. UWorld USMLE step 2 questions.

I did not write the exam yet, so hopefully another student who has more experience that I do chime in :)

Best of Luck :)


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i am an IMG AND ABOUT TO WRITE MCCQE 1 exam in fall, any suggestion for preparation material, if any canadian can share notes from clekships that will be of great help or to guide which source is the best one 



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