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N.S. adds 15 new specialist residency seats to Dalhousie medical school

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The new spaces include:

  • emergency medicine (two spaces)
  • core internal medicine (two spaces)
  • general internal medicine (two spaces)
  • child and adolescent psychiatry (two spaces)
  • neurology
  • obstetrics and gynecology
  • critical care
  • geriatric psychiatry
  • palliative medicine
  • ear, nose and throat
  • dermatology

The new spaces will be in place next July. The province is willing spend $1.5 million a year on the new seats.

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1 hour ago, medbruh said:

Can this have any effect on enrollment in Maritimes medical schools? 

Not automatically - but if they wanted to increase seats, they probably could use this for justification.  They seem to have a strong, healthy ratio of residency positions to medical seats.

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38 minutes ago, MDwannabe02 said:

Anyone know if the emerg seats are CCFP or royal college programs?

Good question. I would assume their CAC program is a bit of an oddball and couldn't support another two, but opportunistically would be very handy and effcient if they could retain those trainees after.

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