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BeMo throwing some shade on Premed101

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Older (feb 2018) video I found when googling PM101. I found this amusing. BeMo consulting throwing some shade on Premed101...

My stance: Premed101 forums give great advice but can cause anxiety if consumed in excessive amounts. 


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Hey I feel almost personally attacked :) 

I mean just for fun, point by point:

1) They aren't completely anonymous. People for instance know exactly who I am. Others are known as well of course, and the collective group does have a lot of internal vetting of information. 

Oh and why would someone be on premed for 10 years (ahem joined Jul 4, 2008 ha) is because we want to honestly help people understand the process, the profession, and avoid them from being taken advantage of. Most of the people that have been here for a long time are people that started as premeds and are now quite likely residents and beyond. 

That being said of course check everything yourself and verify everything you can. One problem that remains is some information simply isn't on the websites/OMSAS. 

2) Myths? 

Well it is form so social media so that can happen. It is also often self correcting though and more importantly the example of UBC it was the fact that myths were collectively brought up that forced a more definite answer to them. Many times people here at as point people to correct myths and provide information. We also more importantly most of the time are actually destroying myths rather than creating them though. 

3) Discouraging people

Is that common here? I don't think so actually but I may be biased - we are honest about the prospects I think more usually and spend a lot more time pulling people up and tearing them down. Discussions can get heated - again social media - but the moderators try to keep things under control. We also won't ever have a conflict of interest by taking money from people and providing false expectations for them either. We don't take any money at all

4) School watching

Well dah. Of course they do from time to time. That is exactly how they know if they are being unclear with their information quite often. Applicants are pretty anonymous on here, and anyone applying already knows they have to have a reasonable social presence and I really don't think they are targeting particular people. That sounds very much like a scare tactic by BeMo. 

anyway just some thoughts :)




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Just now, tere said:

No ulterior motive there <_<  I did it find it amusing that she "was looking up an answer" and "totally used the forum".. but, to be fair, take things with a grain of salt is probably good advice, most of the time.   

ha yeah. Most of it was totally scripted of course but still. 


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22 hours ago, Sorcererseyes said:

I think they have some good videos, but in this case, I have done enough CARS to notice that their claims are somewhat misleading. What’s their beef with premed101?

in a real sense we are their competition. I have run into this in person as well actually during the talks I give at various universities on getting into medical school - you can undercut their business model. 

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