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Should I attend LGS (Large Group Sessions)?

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Hey everyone,

It’s the second week of school and I am constantly trying to find better ways to learn and to increase my productivity.

Lately, I’ve been finding didactic LGS sessions very ineffective. Sometimes the lecturers talk too fast or the content is redundant. I never feel like I’ve truly learned anything as I am just being told this and that. Also, most lecturers run out of time, so we almost never get to ask any questions. 

Since almost all the lectures are recorded, I’m thinking of just watching them at home and studying by myself. At home, I am not distracted by students next to me, I can speed up the lectures, skip portions of the lectures that I already understand, and pause the lectures to search up something when I don’t understand. It’s also more flexible for my schedule and saves me time commuting to school as I don’t live on campus.

As an undergrad student, I had attended most of my lectures. I feel bad/guilty for thinking of not attending them. Can I succeed and do well in medical school without attending LGS? 

Most of the classmates I’ve talked to have said they found the LGS useful and disagree with my opinion. 

Would love to hear more opinions on this topic.

Thank you for your help!

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