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This is my first time on this forum and I must say, the security questions to create a Premed 101 account are ridiculous... What's the name of the company that supplies the medical student backpacks? What the... #$%#!

For U of T Graduate stream applicants, we have to provide a CV. Does anyone know if we have to list the activities, awards, etc in chronological order or reverse chronological order? It says in their guideline that it should be in chronological order but I've never seen a CV listing events from old to new.

If someone could clarify, that would be very helpful! Thank you.

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1 hour ago, 5.98e24 said:

That sounds pretty ridiculous tbh. (Regarding the backpack question.)

I listed mine in reverse chronological (most recent first) and that was fine. 

Ha, I had no idea that security question was even there - I though originally it was what was the biggest artery. 

I will have to see if that is a controllable setting even

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