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Is the Medical Profession Deteriorating?

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Good afternoon everyone, 

I am wondering, what do the rest of you think about international medical graduates (IMGs). In my opinion, I believe going the Caribbean for example, should be 100% barred. I'm getting pretty tired of people advertising themselves as doctors even when they go to the caribbean lol as if that's real medicine. Going international eliminates the satisfaction and prestige of becoming a doctor for everyone that gets in here. IMO it tarnishes the prestige and satisfaction of becoming a doctor. Another way to think about it is, since any one (and I mean almost any one) can game their way into becoming a doctor, it it really an accomplishment? Therefore, in my opinion, professional degrees in general (not just medicine) are not "special" any more if anyone with a subpar GPA, MCAT, etc. can do it. I know what some you of you might say.. that "marks don't define you" etc. and this is indeed correct. But it's not about just the marks themselves, it's about excelling in what you do. An individual should excel in academia, extracurriculars, etc. because these things correlate with not only intellect, but more importantly with hard work, dedication, and persistence.  I believe a certain level of competition must be maintained in order to keep a profession qualified -- and from the looks of it there are too many loop holes to bypass the competition. Pardon me if this sounds arrogant, but I am very haphazardly going for medicine now because I feel like I shouldn't have to share the profession with people who are less qualified than me in terms of ALL admission criteria.  

I am curious about what the rest of you have to say about this.  Everyone, please take some time to chime in. 

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