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What Constitutes Research?

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If one acted as a "Research Assistant" basically helping a PhD candidate with their own project and performing pipetting, small DNA cloning projects with their aid etc. does this count as "Research" under the Sketch on OMSAS, or is this more of a Volunteer Role? To be clear it is a volunteer position, but in a lab and I did do some research technically speaking.

Also, as an add on, does the 'Project Title' have to be legite, like the actual project title, even if the data has not been published yet and there is not clear title? So in this case, can a general title of the project be used? 

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If you will be listed as a co-author on any manuscripts, conference presentations, abstracts etc. stemming from your work as an RA, list them under research section. If not, leave it blank. The role itself would be under volunteering.

A general title will work if the paper is still in prep. Make your verifier is aware of this.

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