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Second Degree and GPA

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Does anyone know how a second degree and GPA works for ON med schools.

Does only the GPA of those 2 years count? Say you are completing a second degree but only need 2 years because electives transfer over, but do the elective marks count towards the second degree as well or not? And if the degree is only 2 years, then is it your two year GPA that counts, like for Western it could be the "best 2 years", but what for other schools?


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currently second year of second degree. Transfer credits are just counted towards number of credits, not marks.

Each school has its own policies. Maybe create a master Excel file and update them as rules change lol. Off the top of my head, Ottawa has last 3 years weighted avg (can be from 2 diff degrees), Mac does every course you've taken in your lifetime, Queens does last 2 years, you know Western. There's also a lot of fine print about how each school treats course repeats, etc. 

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