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Problem with attaching files to U of Saskatchewan med application

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I am trying to upload a file with my scanned PR card in the personal info section. When I press save,  it says "your information has been successfully saved", but when I come back to that section, there are no longer any files attached! Is anyone having this problem as well? I am having the same issue with the "additional documents" section as well.

I am wondering if I should go through the whole application without revisiting (perhaps revisiting resets that section?).

I am panicking because the deadline is on Monday!!!

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2 minutes ago, dumbebell said:

Hey I sent them email to let them know but never heard back from you though I am not sure if I will be reapplying this year. I am sure they are aware of the issue.

Phew I am relieved that it's not only me. Thanks! Wonder if they would be ok with us sending them these documents by email?

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