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Also wondering about this section. I feel like this is where you would talk about big life events that you may have had to go through (ex. illness, death in the family/friend group, adverse experiences), however I'm not sure if mundane situations are meant for this (ex. missing a flight, bone fracture, etc).

Does anyone have any ideas or is comfortable with sharing the topic of what they talked about? That would help with getting an idea of whether we should approach this section. I feel that the title of the section "About You" may be misleading and I don't want to dramatize any challenges I may have faced. 

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Definitely don't miss the opportunity to write something about yourself here! Your ABS just shows what you have done officially, but does not describe your personality.

As mentioned above, focus on an experience/story that lets us learn something insightful about you! Make it unique so you catch the attention of the reader.

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