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Check out your housing options



  • There are over 900 listings in Canada and USA
  • MedsHousing.com was founded by a 4 generation team of medical healthcare members in Canada and USA
  • We have all experienced the housing stress while moving up the training food chain 

Search Listings for:

  1. short term electives
  2. interviews (CaRMS)
  3. furnished and unfurnished
  4. long term
  5. residency
  6. fellowship
  7. close to medical schools and hospitals

www.MedsHousing.com be found in various medical school manuals and journals. Recognised by the CFMS.


email us at:


If you have a place to rent close to medical school or hospital suitable for the medical community or have a great landlord to refer, why not give us a try? **It is free to list during our beta launch**.

*Why not rent out your place while out on electives *if permitted by landlord and condo bylaws*

*Try hosting a fellow medical trainee doing an elective or interview in your area




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