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Sort of a specific question for me but hopefully can help someone in the future:

I will be travelling to Tanzania in January and will be unable to get my yellow fever shot because of my MS. I am in the middle of my Saba application and have taken a break until I find out whether I will be able to enter. I have been told that yellow fever is not an entry requirement, but online it says that I is depending on where you are coming from. Although I will not be coming from Tanzania, I will have been there within the last year. Does anyone have any input on my issue? Also, if it is an issue does anyone know if there is any way I can get around it? 


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If you're worried about being barred from the island itself (because you're coming from a yellow fever endemic area and don't have proof of vaccination), then you need to contact the appropriate government agency on Saba and ask for their advice.


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