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Union leadership as an EC

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I'm currently working as an RN in a leadership capacity. I'm also in an executive role for our union local. I'm contemplating running for a president of our local and I have a good support from our members. However it is a lot of work and I'm thinking of other commitments and responsibilities I could pursue in my community. Providing that physicians are very sceptical about our nursing unions due to the certain political disagreements (I'm generalizing of course), but medical schools in Canada appear to value equity and certain, I would say, Marxist ideals, it's hard to deside if I should disclose even the current level of union involvement? Thoughts? I would appreciate your insights!

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Hi there,

Depending upon what other commitments you are able to undertake relating to community involvement, I would tend to opt for greater involvement in the wider community rather than pursuing the greater leadership role in the a union. This will demonstrate greater diversity, contributions to the wider community.

However, assuming you are already a competitive candidate, I don’t consider it a biggie either way. Union involvement, especially as President, is a pocture postcard for CanMED competencies and I do not see deeper involvement in the Union as a negative from the point of view of admissions. 

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