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Interview coaching - turn your rejections into admissions!!

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Are you struggling with your medical school interviews?
Have you been previously rejected after the medical school interviews?

Do you want to turn your interview rejections into admissions?

I get it. When I applied to medical school the first time around, I had 5 interviews, but was rejected by all 5 schools. Sad ad depressed, I was lost how to to turn that around. However, I came up with a specific approach to interviewing for medical schools. Using that same approach, I again had 5 interviews the following year. The difference is that this time, I got into all 5 medical schools.

Since then, I have created the NextMD Community, and the group of medical students and doctors have used this exact same method to help many premed students that have struggled with their interviews turn rejections into admissions, and they are all on their way to become doctors.

So if you say YES to any of the questions about, then check out the NextMD Community, check us out on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/978669245641167/

For more information, check us out at: http://www.nextmd.ca/training

BOOK: If you are down to learn the system we have come up with RIGHT NOW, and you are someone who loves to learn through reading, access the book here: https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B07DFGHZ8S


We offer the following programs:

A. Self Study:

1. The MMI Mastery Method Online Course: http://www.nextmd.ca/training

2. Master the MMI: Your Key to Success on the Multiple Mini Interview (book): available on Amazon (https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B07DFGHZ8S)


B. One-on-One personalized coaching:

3-hour package

5-hour package

10-hour package (includes The MMI Mastery Method Online Course for free)

Contact for detail: consultant@nextmd.ca


Finally, this is a stressful time. But don't let the INTERVIEW hinder you from your dream of becoming a doctor.  Good luck to all the applicants who are interviewing this year. 



Turn Rejections into Admissions



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