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University Of Alberta 2019 Pharmacy Applicants - Class Of 2023

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I saw a lot of discussions about previous years for the new applicants and couldn’t find one for the upcoming cycle so thought I would make one to try and keep updated! 

I’m a new applicant myself and have a couple questions if anyone would know any answers to I would be really greatful! 

Mostly I’m looking for recommendations on how to succeed in the application, whether that be in the interview, the letter of intent or just preparing in general! 

If anyone has any thoughts let me know! 

Otherwise goodluck to everyone who is applying :)

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Hey everyone,

I'm an IP applicant. 

Two-year cumulative GPA, if all goes well next term, will be around 3.74-3.75. 

Last year GPA: 3.94 (again, if all goes well for the Winter 2019 term). 

Prereq GPA (still need to complete three prereq courses for next term): 3.60. 

I spent a significant amount of time during this summer shadowing pharmacists and I've already gotten one to fill out the pharmacist consultation form. Have written and now polishing up my LOI. 

Does anyone know if the GPAs are rounded to the nearest decimal place (tenth)? So 3.94 may be rounded to 3.9?

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Hi everyone!

I'm a first-year pharmacy student. I've only been through one semester of pharmacy, so there are lots of things I don't know, but I can certainly answer any questions you have about the application.

@Daria.Strel For your interview, some tips would be to dress professionally (blazers work wonders), have some water to drink between questions, and pick day/time you're feeling mentally prepared and confident to do it. The oral component of my interview went somewhat poorly, so I'm not sure how helpful I can be there

For your letter of intent, demonstrating knowledge of the profession is #1. Hint: Pharmacists do a lot more than counting pills! 

I hope that helps somewhat. Good luck to all of you! You've got this :)

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