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OGS- previous awards received but rejected included?

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I was wondering whether it would add any value to my current application if I added that I was awarded OGS and NSERC in May but had to reject them both for this current Professional Masters I'm doing right now. 

There is a specific section for Awards and Scholarships that state this: 


List scholarships, fellowships, prizes, and other academic awards you have received and think would be most pertinent to the adjudication of your application (most recent first). Include those indicated in the "Previous Government Awards" section.

Name of scholarship/award:

Award category:

Select...Academic PrizeFellowshipGraduate BursaryGraduate ScholarshipHonorary PositionNon-Academic PrizePostdoctoral FellowshipProfessional DesignationUndergraduate BursaryUndergraduate Scholarship

Award type:

Select...Federal GovernmentProvincial/Territorial GovernmentUniversityPrivate SectorCommunity OrganizationOther

     If "Other", please specify:

Year awarded (yyyy):

Duration (in months):

Amount (if applicable):

It states that you have "received". Does that mean I cannot include the previous scholarships I have been awarded but have rejected?

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In my opinion, offered=received. The point is to show how competitive you are for awards, not necessarily that you collected the money. I always list awards that I was offered but declined on my CV.

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