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Jeremiah So

Need some insight and advice (premed) hella low GPA

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I have just finished my 1st term in my 2nd year of undergrad at Mcmaster doing a three-level B.Sc. program because my GPA was below a 5.0 after first year and I was unable to specialize for 2nd year. 

During 1st year I was not focused in school and well got caught up in the social scene in uni... and 2nd year was more procrastination and overestimating my ability by taking some courses (for interest...instead of boosting my gpa....) 

1st year 1st term GPA: 2.2 / 12

1st year 2nd term GPA: 5.8 / 12

2nd year 1st term GPA: 6.2/ 12

which I think my gpa is at a 4.73/ 12 (horrible gpa I know...)

anyways I want to get into med school and I know there is pretty much no chance for me to get my gpa up to a competitive level.... 

I would appreciate it if I could get some advice for possible next steps if I really want to get into medical school... I also have slight interest in maybe doing research but I don't know how that would be possible either. Thanks in advance!

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It's not easy to get a med school GPA. Don't beat yourself up. BUT...if you do want to get into some sort of professional school in the future, you've basically got to press the reset button. You're almost going to have to pretend like those first 1.5 years don't exist. You're either going to have a long undergrad (not a bad idea), or two undergrads. Now the length is going to depend on the various schools policies for how many courses they look at.

BUT, all of that is just the technicalities. The actually ability to getting it done is going to depend on whether you can change your life and get that GPA. That's not something I can help you decide. The best course would be to evaluate your situation, come up with a couple of realistic and meaningful changes, and try them out for a semester.

I'm not sure what you mean by wanting to do research? If you mean to do it for the sake of being more competitive for professional school....forget about it completely until you figure out a solution for the GPA. If you mean you might want to do it for a career...then give it a shot and see how it feels. If you like it, you're in luck because SOME graduate degrees are more forgiving with your GPA.

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Before any thoughts of med school, it's important that you get an idea of your true potential, and by that I mean seeing what your grades are like after a focused, distraction-free semester. If you're still not doing well, then the issue may not just be a lack of discipline, but also how you study. This needs to be figured out first.

It's a new year, and it's time for some personal growth. If you're serious about professional school, then you need to mature quickly and start treating your studies like a job.

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