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Chances with low GPA but high CARS?

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Posted this before but hoping for more feedback. I am about to enter my last semester of 4th year and would like to land an interview for the upcoming cycle.

OMSAS GPA is 3.59 (I know horrible).

CARS 130 


Is it possible with a good casper score? Has this been done before?

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For undergrads, McMaster hands out interviews based on the average of GPA, CARS, and Casper, weighted equally (Source). You can compare your stats against the McMaster med school matriculants to see if your CARS is good enough to 'cancel out' your GPA. This isn't a perfect estimator of interview likelihood for two reasons:

1) you're comparing yourself against matriculants, and one might expect that matriculants will generally have higher stats than were needed to receive an interview invite

2) We don't know how McMaster averages the values. Do they average each applicant's percentile for the three categories, or do they average in some other way? (In other words, it's not clear how GPA - on a scale of 0-4 - is converted to a value that can be averaged with CARS - on a scale of 118-132)

Most recent available matriculant data

11 matriculants out of 206 had a lower GPA, so you're in the 5th percentile

140 matriculants out of 206 had a lower CARS, placing you in the 68th percentile (For sake of calculation, I counted your CARS score as higher than half of the matriculants who also had a 130 CARS score)

Even accounting for the matriculant vs. interviewee difference noted above, I'd guess 68th percentile is not enough by itself to compensate for GPA. However it closes the gap considerably, so if you did better than the average interviewee on Casper that could close the remaining gap. 

Overall I'd guess you have a real chance at an interview (like, it's certainly not a guaranteed no) but I'd also guess that chance is less than 50%. Just my thoughts though, the data is definitely open to interpretation! Happy new year and good luck :)

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