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Neuroanatomy Book for PreClerkship/Clerkship

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Hi Everyone.

I've recently finished my neurology residency and fellowhsip and am very involved in neurology education in pre-clerkship/clerkship.  If you're like me, you were very frustrated by the tomes of a text that you were expected to use to learn neuroanatomy (some of which, ironically, are the very same texts that neurology residents use when studying for the Royal College).


A very, very long time ago, on this board I asked what makes a good neuroanatomy textbook.  I remembered the replies and am pleased to introduce my own neuroanatomy text.  It has over 25 localization problems, all with fully worked out solutions, designed exclusively for beginner studies in neuroanatomy.  https://www.amazon.ca/Case-Closed-Neuroanatomy-Warren-Berger/dp/1498728529/ref=tmm_pap_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=&sr=


If anyone has any feedback about it, please feel free to pm me.  I'm always looking to improve!  Thanks!

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