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Dont know what to do

MD application and CASPer

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Hello Everyone!

I would like to apply to U of A med, but I had never realized that U of A would require CASPer. I remember checking the requirements ( last year I read the manual line by line, this week just overlooked) and never happened to find that the University requires the test. Also, I checked the BeMo website (today) for unis that require CASPer and it says that in Canada only McMAster and UOttawa require them. I am just afraid, I might be missing something important.

Also, for the 4 sections ( volunteer, Leadership, Diversity and Work Exp), how many do we have to list in each of them and what is the character limit for describing each of them? Do we have a limit of 4 on them or could we add more? 


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2 hours ago, chiynadoll said:

This is the first year that they are asking for CASPer.

4 in each section max. 300 char max. (im pretty sure, but this is off the top of my head, but it was also months ago so I may be incorrect)

This is the third year they are asking for CASPer.......

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