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If you do FM residency in U.S., can you come to Canada to work?

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Hi all,

I am currently a Canadian student at a U.S. med school with interests in FM. Quick question: if I were to do a FM residency in the U.S., how would it work if I wanted to come back to Canada to work? What is the process like? Is it possible? Does the fact that FM residencies in the U.S. are 3 years and in Canada 2 years have an effect on anything?

Also, if I was interested in doing a "+1" program (Certificate of Added Competence) in Canada after doing a FM residency in the U.S., would I be able to do this? Or no?

I am also interested in possibly working in community emergency rooms as a family physician in Canada (without any "+1" certificate). Would I still be able to do this as a U.S. trained family physician in Canada? Or no?

Any clarification would be much appreciated. Thank-you for your time!

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Yes it is possible.

the Canadian College of Family Physicians (CCFP) recognizes the American board of family medicine (ABFM) and gives you full reciprocity. Since the training is longer, there is no additional training required. all you have to do is pass the MCCQE1 and 2 during your residency.

when you finish your residency, as long as you pass the ABFM and stay in good standing, apply for certification through CCFP.

and yes, you would qualify to do a fellowship.

for ER without the +1, I can’t answer that. 

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