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Applied + (PT or OT?): PT UBC, Western, Queens, Brunel, St. George, Limerick, Dublin, 

Accepted: UBC, Limerick

Interviews: UBC, Limerick, St. George (London)


Rejected: Brunel, Dublin, Queens and Western

GPA: sGPA: 3.75 UBC GPA: 85%

Perceived strength of essays/interviews/references: Essays were very strong spent a ton of time honing them and worked with several people proofreading and helping me improve them. Volunteered at a neuro physio clinic for a year and a half, over a thousand hours of volunteer and many relevant and cool life experiences as I am a mature applicant. Very strong academic and professional references. 

This was my second time applying and first time interviewing. I will say that I put a tremendous amount of work into my application and preparation for interviewing because I knew that my GPA was on the lower end of the applicants getting interviews. I gamed the CASPER test as hard as I could and I believe that I crushed it. By game, I mean a ton of practice and prep. I feel like I did really well on it and my preparation helped me with the interview as well. I will know how well I did on the CASPER if I get accepted to Western though. Practiced probably 50-60 MMI scenarios and did a full mock MMI two days before my interview. Practiced with people that had successfully gotten into programs that used mmi. 

My deposit for Limerick was due a week before we heard back from UBC and I paid 2000 euros to secure a spot, I'll never see that money again, but UBC was my first choice, so it doesn't really matter. I only say this because I feel that at a certain level you have to set yourself up for success in any way possible and I've wanted to get into physio for 5 years, so I did everything I could to ensure it.

It's been a long road, 5 years ago I took physics 12. I had never had any success with science or math in my life, but I wanted physio, so I tried. Since that fall I've taken 18 courses for prereqs and GPA. I took my undergrad GPA from 2.75/4.33 to a 3.75/4.0 and got my UBC GPA to an 85.

The reason I'm writing this is to hopefully inspire people to continue grinding. It might seem hopeless at some points, but if you want it, you will get there. The same way you work hard at classes is the same way you have to look at the entire application process and interview. Take nothing for granted.

If you didn't get in this year, go back to the drawing board, figure out what classes to upgrade your GPA with, get your volunteering in order, take an ethics course (helps with interview and Casper) and talk with anyone and everyone about physio, for they might have the advice you need to crushing the application or mmi or Casper. Best of luck to everyone out there moving forward!

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Hi everyone! 

I also got accepted into UBC and was waiting to hear from ON schools before making my decision (May 17)!

I love BC but haven't got to hear much about how physio students enjoy the program since all I hear about is Ontario schools ahah

Right now I'm tied between U of T and UBC and I am having a really hard time choosing, as an out of province applicant.

If any current PT students, or even those who have heard from PT students, have any feedback or info about how students liked the curriculum and program it would be really appreciated!!

Also I know that in Toronto, placements are chosen through lottery, anyone know if this is the same case in BC?


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