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Congrats on your masters! I just wrapped mine up last year and it feels good.

Interesting story. I mean your stats look fantastic, it's just that interesting bit about the PhD. Not sure if you've applied before but, if you haven't, there's a section at the end of the application where you can discuss extenuating circumstances/gaps in schooling/miscellaneous clarification stuff. That might be a good spot to address it directly since they'll see on your transcripts you were registered as a phd candidate for a term. I think it's pretty much a black box on how they view anything like that but since the AQ & NAQs are screamin', I'd still apply! 

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best way to determine your chances with UBC is to figure out if you will get an interview by estimating your AQ and NAQ scores using the formula/comparing to other people's NAQ. 

Once you get an interview, it will be a holistic review of your file, with the interview being an important aspect. So it will really have to depend on how you interview. 

Good luck!

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