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Late, but in case anyone was curious, we sign an NDA on the interview date which prevents us from discussing any particulars about the MMI. 

That said, I read various popular books on MMIs and medicine and perused various recommended websites in preparation and at the time I felt things went well. Beyond that I'd say just know the school, know the curriculum, know about stuff salient to Northern Ontario or otherwise whatever is topical and medicine/healthcare related at the time. 

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On 1/31/2019 at 12:55 PM, stbd1234 said:

Is there anyone in Calgary who would like to get together to prep for the U of A interview (bounce some ideas off each other, awkwardly answer MMI-structured questions, work on the panel, etc.)?

I recently went through a mock MMI put on by U of M students, so I feel like I have a fairly strong grasp on that structure and what interviewers are looking for based on the feedback I got. Would love to continue building off of this and getting comfortable with all question types. 



On 1/28/2019 at 12:21 PM, stbd1234 said:


Wondering if there's anyone on here who interviewed previous years at NOSM who could speak to their specific MMI. Types of questions, common topics, etc... 


Thats very unethical and academic misconduct.

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yeah, giving out these specific MMI details is synonymous with giving out an answer key to the MCAT.  And if the school found out, you would be removed from the program.  Nobody is going to put themselves in jeopardy in this way.


Google MMI prep & examples, utilize books and other resources, and practice their suggestions on HOW to prepare vs. looking for specific scenarios to prepare for.  Each school and MMI is going to be different, but the process and approach is similar.


If you are largely prepared for the process and how it works, you'll be well prepared for anything they ask you.  From the research I have done, it's heavy with scenario testing, and there are tons of ways to practice this approach as long as you're willing to put in the time to familiarize yourself with scenario testing.

Practice, practice, practice.


Good luck!

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