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Looking for a prep partner in Calgary...

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Is there anyone in Calgary who would like to get together to prep for the U of A interview (bounce some ideas off each other, awkwardly answer MMI-structured questions, work on the panel, etc.)?

I recently went through a mock MMI put on by U of M students, so I feel like I have a fairly strong grasp on that structure and what interviewers are looking for based on the feedback I got. Would love to continue building off of this and getting comfortable with all question types. 



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I am looking for prep partners too. I have some good resources provided by past interviewees. I could do Feb 7th in the evening (after 6PM) and 9th in the morning (anytime between 9-12). Happy to meet at the TFDL and could book a workroom :)




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Hey! I know I'm a little late to the discussion, but was wondering if you're still interested in practicing with someone in person? 

I recently found out that I have a mixed MMI/panel interview at Queen's on March 24! I'm really excited however, as I'm new to Calgary, I don't really have anyone to practice with. I don't imagine the MMI structure being vastly different between schools, so I think it would be helpful.

I'm available weekday evenings and weekends! Let me know :)

Thanks! And best of luck to everyone interviewing this round!

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Hi everyone, 

Also late to the discussion but I am also looking for a partner to practice with one-on-one for UofA interviews in March.

I am hoping to practice 2-3 times before my interview and have had some feedback/tips that I can share as well. I work full-time so anytime in the evenings or weekends would work for me. Please reply to this post if you're interested in practicing multiples times. 

Thanks and good luck everyone!

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