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Should I ask for a day off from work for a poster presentation?

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I recently got accepted for a poster presentation after I submitted an abstract. 


Would it be appropriate for me to ask for a day off from work to attend this or is it not that important? I was first author on the paper.


The organization I work at is the same as the organization where I wrote and published this paper but I'm in another city now and obviously working with another researcher on other research projects.

I've never done a poster presentation before either. Just don't know if this would be appropriate.


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If you're still in research, I would think your supervisors understand the need to attend conferences. In my own opinion they're usually not that useful to go to, but it's very common and you shouldn't have problems convincing your supervisor if you want to go, especially if you'll go with your own funding. 

Conferences are a good place to network with other researchers for collaborations, and get some ideas about current research in the field. Depends how important that is to you.

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