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2019 Admission interview invites/rejects

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Status: Rejection
Time Stamp: 05/02/2019 - 1:42 PM
GPA: ~87.4%
MCAT: 523 (131/131/130/131)
Location: OOP
Year: UG graduated 2018
Shocked, I thought it would be guaranteed, they said in their email that 100th percentile was the minimum this cycle with 90th percentile CARS. Kind of BS if I have a 99th percentile I don't know though whatever haha

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Just now, tallshirts said:

Do they come via email? Will they include our stats on the email? 

For rejections they just say you didn't get an interview. They don't give you details on why your were rejected. it's almost 4:30 and haven't received an email yet so I guess we'll try our luck again tomorrow.

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24 minutes ago, AvgApplicant said:

Has anyone talked to admissions? Wondering when these will come out

On one of previous years' forums, someone said they got their email on Feb 11. I don't recall if that was a waitlist email though.  

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