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MCAT for USMD application?

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Hi, I'm confused as to which date to write the MCAT on/ have the scores released by for application to american medical schools?  Both MD and DO. I would really appreciate any help/pointers. 

Also how long is the MCAT score generally valid for? I know this isnt really an issue for canadian schools but not too sure about states. 


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13 hours ago, JohnGrisham said:

You should have it before may/june if you want to be as early as possible. The US cycles open around may/june for primary application. That way you can get your whole app in asap and try to get first round of interviews for august/september.

Correct me if I'm wrong since it's been a few years but I thought the application opens to submission in the end of June, therefore don't you need the score ready before then?

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