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Canadian MD student MMI prep service

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I am a MD student in one of the Canadian medical schools. I having been providing MMI prep help for some premeds in the past few years.

I interviewed first time for one school and the interview score was below average. The second time I developed a strategy, interviewed at 3 schools and got offer from all of them. I am confident my strategy & preparation materials will be helpful for other students.

In particular, English is not my first language, so if you are struggling with language, my strategy would be most helpful for you. 

I am very busy with school now, so I can only help a small amount of students. Please PM me about your info. 

I will work with you, identify your strength and weakness, and to find the best prep plan geared for you. I have a few pre-defined sessions covering structure, content, strategy which you can pick from. 

My rate is 100 / hr.  Only serious inquiries please.

Good luck!

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