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My research is all over the place...

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I'm sitting at the end of 2nd year still having no idea what I want to do and I feel like my research involvements show it. I'm on 3-4 projects spanning completely different specialties from surgical to non-surgical specialties, as well as some rads stuff. Now I know showing an interest in research does help the strength of your application in the future, but my question is whether having too much diversity in my research interests is a problem? I'm just thinking of people reviewing my application in the future and seeing how scattered my interests were (having 1 poster/pub in like 6 widely different specialties lets say) and questioning whether I put enough thought into deciding whether X specialty is the right one for me. Let me know what you think. 

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I think you are doing just fine. After all, clerkship has not yet begun and that is where it is all at - for you and for the decision makers.

I had no research at your stage. Be flexible, keep an open mind, apply to different fields where you feel you will be happy in practice, and let lightning strike where it may. At least that is what I did. I had been interested in one field since I was a child and applied there. I also applied to 2 other fields, one of which I did not even consider 2 weeks before the spplicstion deadline for CaRMS, and the latter is where I ended up.

You will discover during clerkship what fields interest you. If you have done research in any of these fields, great; otherwise, it does not matter. Essentially, you will ultimately be selected on the basis that you are considered a good fit, for your soft skills. If I were you, I would enjoy the journey and not worry. :P


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