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Hi !

I am interested in Medical Genetics (I'm in my third year medical school), and I'm looking for someone doing his/her residency in this amazing field. 

I have a couple of questions regarding CARms, the residency and the work afterwards. 

You can send me a message if you would like to share a bit of your experience with me. 



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If you don't end up finding a resident, I had an excellent elective with Dr. Murray Potter at Mac who was more than happy to go over all of those logistical things while I was with him. From what I can recall the job market was pretty bad, and even when you find a job you're likely to be running a lab and doing a lot of QI instead of what most people imagine with medical genetics. 

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Not a resident here but another student (second year). It's somewhat rare to see a post here about medical genetics, so just wanted to reach out as I'm really interested in pursuing it as well and likely have similar questions to you! Feel free to message me if you want to commiserate, I would also love to hear a resident's perspective, especially since it's such a small field. 

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