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Applying to US med schools & mcat rewrite

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Hey everyone, 

So I'm planning to apply to US med schools this summer, and I want to apply as early as possible. I'm fine with using my current mcat score, but my cars is a little low (127) so I wanted to rewrite and improve cars before applying to canadian schools. Would I be allowed to submit my us applications without indicating that I'm planning to rewrite, and then rewrite sometime in august before my canadian apps? I'm worried that they'll find out that i re-wrote the test, and disqualify me for not updating my application

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Also in a similar situation. I have a 521 with 127 cars. I would be insane to rewrite for the US but improving that cars to even 128 would open up many more potential schools in canada. 

If I submit my US app in June but sign up for the mcat late and rewrite in September for Canada, will this effect my US app if I score lower?

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