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Just received my rejection from UofT and am looking for some advice as I'm in a bit of a confusing situation. My cGPA (~3.4) and wGPA (~3.7) are way below competitive ranges for UofT.

I was diagnosed with ADHD after my first two years of undergrad in which I received a GPA of ~3.0 both years. After being diagnosed and starting my medication my 3rd and 4th year marks were much higher and competitive for UofT at 3.93 and 3.89. Therefore, I submitted an AEE explaining my situation along with my application.

From looking through the UofT Med's website/Facebook I see that a special committee looks over each AEE and decide what kind of special consideration will be given on a case-by-case basis. I also know that my EC's are not very strong, as I was rejected from Western and Queens pre-interview despite making the GPA/MCAT cutoffs.

Is there any way I can find out the reason for my rejection? If I am receiving my rejection now does that mean my file advanced past the GPA and MCAT checks and into the full file review (meaning that it was my non-academics which disqualified me)? I am torn between continuing to focus on building my ECs for the next cycle and returning to school to try and improve my undergrad GPA.

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Unfortunately they don't release the GPA accommodations they provide (if they provide an accommodation at all) for those who write an AEE. Having said that, I would be really surprised if they were to drop your first two years entirely and consider only your last two, just because that would mean much less courses overall for GPA calculation than most other applicants. If you go back to school you could also become competitive for Ottawa, while at the same time continuing to build your ECs...

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