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McGill MDCM OOP 2019 Waitlist Movement

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I posted this on another thread as well (can't remember which one now), but I believe it moved to #8, with rank #9 being shown on the McGill website as the next potential offer. Last year the OOP waitlist movement was on the weaker end. In previous years it has hit double digits (10+), but every year is so different that it would be hard to predict how it will move this year. Good luck to those waiting!


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My waitlist position also hasn't changed. I found this on a previous year forum and thought I'd share:

"In terms of movements, I can give you some statistics: 

The OOP success rate ranges from 1.8% to 3.5%, based on the past 5 years of data. The average being 2.72%. Success rate is defined as those received at least one offer of admission whether subsequently registered, declined or deferred. There were 918 OOP applicants this year, so one can expect 16-32 total offers being made; average being 25 total offers. Since 10 offers have been made, the waitlist should move around 6-22 positions; average being 15.

tl;dr using the past 5 years as a proxy for what will happen this year, the waitlist should move to about spot 15. But please take this with a tremendous amount of salt as things have changed - there were +20% OOP applicants this year." 

From the past few years I have heard as few as 8 or as many as 18 taken off the OOP waitlist. Good luck to everyone!

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