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Incoming IMG resident looking for advice on how to be a successful resident

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Hi everyone,

I'm very excited and looking forward to residency, but I'm also aware that it is a very difficult transition period and steep learning curve. What advice could you give someone like myself in order to ensure that I will be the best resident that I can be? Looking back, what sort of things do you wish you knew as an intern? Any advice on material prep before residency?

Thank you!

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I would just say the first 3 months are always the hardest. It's a transition for everyone and for some people its a new school a new city as well. So don't be hard on yourself for it. 

Remain keen, friendly, kind and you will fit in fine. Don't be overly competitive, impressions will form fast. 

Always make sure patient safety comes first, it's not important to be the first to do a procedure, but it is important to be known as a good resident on service who takes care of things and doesn't leave mistakes or create extra work for others. 

I would ask around your specialty because good reading material is often word of mouth specific to your residency


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Always answer your pager promptly

Be polite to everyone, especially nurses and other allied health professionals

You will have to do scut work, it is unfortunately part of the work

I don't know which specialty you will be going into, but often your first year is more or less a year rotating through fields that are not THAT interesting to you. Show interest regardless

Don't be cocky

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