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Pet experiences in School?? (Here's mine)


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Hey y'all, I'm curious to know whether the people on this forum have any pets and if so what kind?  Positive / Negative Experiences?  Feel free to Vote above!!

I'm currently in second year Undergrad and am living happily with my 2 y/o Boarder Collie (socks). It's been tough balancing school and a dog but I've gotten around to finding the flow. I get up early at around 6:00am before lectures and take him on an hour stroll around the park in front of my apartment. I get his breakfast prepared for him before I leave and he's at home for my duration at school. When I get home we (usually) go on a 1-2 hr long mountain bike ride on some trails near where we live; he usually gets pretty tired and goes to sleep while I work and study. Lastly I take him for a short night walk before bed to get some fresh air. Weekends are usually the best as we usually go out on long hikes with friends and he can also play fetch and whatnot. I've had him since high school and since my parents aren't up to the job of taking care of him I'm the only one up for the job. It hasn't been ideal and I sometimes feel guilty leaving him home for 6 hours on end but I try my best to give him the attention and exercise he needs. I want to hear any of your pet experiences!

*I've had a couple of girlfriends before and I gotta tell ya they're a lot more work haha. Only kidding, but I think if you know how to manage your time, pets are a great way to relieve stress!



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25 minutes ago, xiphoid said:

Interesting. "Socks" looks a lot like this dog that a guy took a photo of in Wyoming in 2014. https://www.flickr.com/photos/beau_bright/14678485333/in/photolist-on65ik-7NCHdP-7uQe2S-PKihUz-6HnZyK-wXM1X7-z7hn4j

Damn you caught on fast. Didn't want to go through the hassle of transfering pictures from my phone so I got one from online haha. I'll change it when I get around to it but he looks pretty similar. I guess the fact that he didn't have socks threw you off?

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