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Can I get in or am I destined for a life of metal

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I just finished a degree in Materials Engineering which turned out to be a lot less materials and a lot more metals than I had expected even with a minor in biomedical engineering. After 5 years hating each class more than the last I am finally graduating with a 2.93 CGPA. I've always dreamed of medical school and naively assumed I'd have the grades to get in after an engineering degree if I still wanted. So here I sit wondering what my options are and what is the best option to get where I want. 

1. Should I write my MCATS now and am I able to get in with a 2.93 GPA? 

2. I have been asked to do a masters degree with a professor in additive manufacturing (3D printing) of metal, something I'm good at but do not overly enjoy.  Do I pursue this and then apply to medical school? 

3. Apply to a second degree and then to medical school? 

4. Give up all hope and accept that the life of metal has chosen me.


Additionally information: 

I'm from Nova Scotia so I know Dalhousie has a lower entrance average but I haven't taken a full course load my whole degree which they require. 

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