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Hello All,

I got accepted in Life science at McMaster, Health studies at Waterloo and Health Science at Western Ontario. I am aiming for Med school.

My family wants me to go at McMaster or Life science, While my friends says Western Ontario.

Waterloo - Health studies offers Co-Ops but not sure everyone get placed.

What you guys think?

Please share your opinion, Thanks in Advance.


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Most (not all) students at Western wanting to go into medical school will be in the med sci program, as it contains all the core science courses. Western's health sci program is focused on science in the first and second year, while the upper year courses (depending on your module) will be more about the sociology of health/social determinants/public health policy/etc. 

If you come from a strong science background in highschool, I would recommend McMaster Life Science as it will prepare you well for the MCAT. I did Western's med sci program and it is more comparable to Mac's Life Sci. Obviously though, pursuing med school is all about your GPA so pursue the program you think you can get the highest grades in. If you like the traditional science/chem/physics then go for Mac but if you enjoy the stuff I talked about for Western's health sci then do that. 

Dont know anything about Waterloo's program so I can't help you there. 

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