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McGill QY PT M2 students

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13 hours ago, ssava041 said:

it is usually stressful around this time but if you have any question feel free to ask or send me a message.

Thank you for offering your help :) 

I'm curious - does the PT program prepare students well for the national licensing exam if we hope to work outside of Quebec?

Also - are students having to move to get to their placements or are they within a normal commute time? I know that two placements need to be within McGill's catchment area. Can the others be, say, in your hometown or somewhere where you know a physical therapist would be willing to take you on?


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sorry i didnt see this earlier. 

They provide information about the national exam but they do not help prepare for it. However since mcgill exam are harder than the national (past students) you should be fine revising your notes and doing practice questions. There is also the possibility of working in quebec for 1200hr than transferring over to another province (depends on the provide) the requirements are different for each province.

students dont usually move the longest may be an hour and 15 min bus ride but if it is really to far you can request a change or car pool with other students (the metro is really convenient). 

others can be in your hometown but you are not allowed to contact a PT that you know (since it is not your cachement area) you may put in a request for the place though.

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