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I have a wgpa of 3.93 and I was wondering if there was any chance for me as an undergrad applicant at UofT. It is quite discouraging as I saw very few gpas as low as this  being accepted for this year. Is  there anyone who had a gpa like this, and if so what do you think made your application good in other ways?


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Honestly, when I found out my GPA was only 5.0 on a 4.0 scale, I almost just gave up. I realized my GPA would hold me back so I just grabbed the holy CanMed infinity stones - Cerulean Communicator, Carmine Collaborator, Lilac Leader, Salmon Scholar, Hazel Health Advocate, and a Purple Professional Stone. When I combined my CanMed infinity stones, I was able to overcome my GPA. I hope this helps!

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